Food And Fluid Intake Essay Discussion Paper

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Food And Fluid Intake Essay Discussion Paper


The dietitian is reviewing James’ food and fluid intake and notes that his average fluid intake is 3000 mL of water or non-caloric drinks per day. Which recommendation is most appropriate for James regarding fluid intake?

a. James should drink less fluid and try to drink 2000 mL per day.

b. James should restrict his fluid to 1200 mL per day.

c. James should drink an amount equal to his urine output plus 500-1000 mL per day.

d. James can have unrestricted fluids if his urine output is normal.

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Step 1/2
Fluid intake is essential to keep the body in balance. An increase or decrease in the fluid level of the body can cause certain problems and it can be fatal when the intensity is very high.
Here the client is taking 3000ml of fluid and it is non caloric fluids. It means the client is filling himself with no energy by these types of drink. This can affect the health in long run or when the fluid and electrolyte balance is disturbed.
Step 2/2
The amount of fluid intake should ensure the health of an individual is maintained at all aspects.
The client advised for drinking 2000mL of fluid after decreasing from 3000mL needs a medical reason or any condition which limits the quantity of fluid intake to protect life. An healthy male as per standard CA take about 3700mL of fluids per day. So this option is not applicable.
The client advised to drink 1200mL of fluid per day is recommended when there is any medical condition restricting fluid intake. Generally clients with certain renal problem (renal failure) ,cardiac problem (heart failure) are recommended this much quantity of fluid intake in a day.
The normal urine output in a day can range between 800mL to 2000mL depending upon the fluid intake. So after the output there should be a positive balance in the body. If the intake is less than output ,then it is negative balance. This can affect the general health by altering the fluid balance. This can lead to fluid deficiency. So in order to prevent it the fluid intake should be increased from the amount of fluid removed from the body. This can be about half to one litre in addition to the quantity of urine output. So the third statement is relevant.
Unrestricted fluid intake can lead to dilution of the fluid in the body affecting the hemostasis of the body. So this option is not applicable.
Final answer
James can be recommended to drink an amount equal to his urine output plus excess fluid of about 500-1000mL.
c.James should drink an amount equal to his urine output plus 500-1000 mL per day

Food And Fluid Intake Essay Discussion Paper

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